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Gravitational Waves (Continued)
(c) M. Karita and R. N. Boyd


[R. N. Boyd]:

Nice to have you with us!

Wow, is this ever important!

I feel better already!

M. Karita said: "...gravitational waves, tiny vertical waves control the horizontal electro magnetic waves and produce mixed waves that give you different feelings."

Is this because the gravitational waves are changing the shape of the space which the electromagnetic waves are passing through? Or is it because of a direct interaction between the gravitational waves and the electromagnetic waves?

Also, what are these "mixed waves" you are talking about? Mixtures of what? And, most importantly (to me at least), how do these mixed waves give you different feelings? It's obvious to me that these jpg images create differences which are very easy for me to notice. (I am very sensitive to feelings. I use them as a kind of sight.) I want to know how this happens... (The fact that it happens is not an issue.)

You suggested that there could be some sort of crystalline structure in the human brain which could act as a transducer of these gravitational waves...?

In fact there is! There is a crystal structure in each and every nerve cell in the body. Called some name like, "cytoskeleton" I think... The US government was doing researches for years on these crystalline structures inside the cell bodies.

They were examining changes in the properties and capabilities of the human being, when the resonant excitation frequencies of the cytoskeleton were broadcast. They found, for example, that there are excitation potentials for all body mechanical functions and for all mental and emotional states. They discovered:

That a minute radioactive power of 0.1 milliwatt / cm^2 at a center frequency of 450 MHz, modulated by ELF, particularly 16 Hz, would cause calcium efflux from the crystalline member of the cell, which would then result in the calcium being removed from the brain tissue. Calcium is critical in the functioning of the brain. They found that modulations of the 450 MHz carrier by other ELF frequencies aside from 16 Hz, would result in a calcium influx.

Bottom line is that if you control the cytoskeleton, you can alter the state of consciousness.

In addition, 1.5 GHz is the resonant frequency of the microtubules. ELF modulations on a 1.5 GHz carrier wave do cause alterations of mood, and allow for the remote monitoring and injection of thoughts and beliefs.

ELF modulations of MASERs inhibit the higher functions of consciousness. This results in a state of enhanced suggestibility.

These three facts don't make me too happy!!!!

And anything that interferes with such interferences makes me very happy! And your jpg graphics DO interfere with these interferences. Hurrah!

Now, I want to know why. How. What is the relationship, the interaction, between the graviton and the electromagnetic?

This is important for the good of the World, and All the Life in it...

I really appreciate your response on this.

Now, what is even more interesting, is that the space travel technology you have described, involving "...moving from one physical point to another physical point can be at an instance without visual motion since UFO moves through different wavelength lines or different dimensions. Then materialization and non-materialization is possible, if you could manipulate the gravitational waves and the electromagnetic waves.", is exactly (!!!) the same as the mechanism I have personally witnessed occur.

A UFO appeared, and later disappeared, in the sky in front of me in broad daylight, when I was working for NASA. It was as though light itself was condensing thicker and thicker, until, there was this silver metal disk-shaped vehicle in the sky...

When it disappeared, I saw two perfectly parallel vertical lines appear in space, centered on the craft. Then, it was as though the vehicle was the pivot of a revolving door. The parallel lines went, flip... And it was gone.

I hope I'm not asking you too many questions at once, but I am really excited by what you have already said. Because the it is important to both faster than light travel, and as a counter-measure for the irresponsible remote manipulations of consciousness on the part of certain illegal elements of governmental, corporate, and criminal agencies, all over the planet.

For those of you on Greenglow who are not familiar with the mind-control technologies, I will put together a list of related patents, which have been de-classified, and make it available on the physics portion of my website, under "Physics of Consciousness". This will take several days due to the requirement to recollect all of the links I had on my system before that virus got me.

Thank you so much, Masakazu Karita. I feel that you have honored us.

Now, maybe we can get these people to wake up!