Guess what this is!

(only the center circle one with 9 different height sticks)

It is supposed to be meant for preventing sloshing in an oil tank with the power of the longitudinal magnetic waves that mix the earthquake wave.
This is, of coruse, a small model for a home bath tube experiemnt to find out whether it affects the calming down the big waves the child make in the bath tube.
The size of the device is 18cm diameter for about a bath tube in which an adult can sit and stretch one's legs, that is 120~130cm length inside the tube.
The device is made of Bizen pottery with gravitonics technology.

The result for the experiment in the bath tube,
the child said to the experimenter that "Don't put that one inside the tube, cause it will be very difficult to make big waves by swinging the body back and forth.!"
Even a big wave comes up once, soon it will become smaller waves and grarudally calm down.
Th Bizen pottery made this way and set in a bath tube is also good for your relaxation and recovery similar to the hot spring bath effect.
Those who would like to make the experiment, please contact: